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Masaryk University

Masaryk University

01.09.2014 - 31.08.2022
Contract category: Erasmus partners
TLU Unit: School of Educational Sciences
TLU Study Programmes: Early Childhood Education (BAK) Primary School Teacher (INT) Early Childhood Education (MAG) Educational Sciences (MAG) Educational Sciences (PhD) Educational Innovation and Leadership (MAG) Educational Management (MAG) Education (BAK)
Two separate contracts - Department of Primary Education (2 students and 3 teaching mobilities); Department of Educational Sciences (2 students and 2 teaching mobilities) For BA, MA and PhD students. Application info: https://czs.muni.cz/en/student-from-abroad/exchange-non-degree-studies/erasmus-europe Staff for teaching: Department of Educational Sciences - 2 teaching mobilities together for 14 days; Department of Primary Education - 3 teaching mobilities together for 15 days. Erasmus code: CZ BRNO05 Subject area: Department of Educational Sciences - Education; Department of Primary Education - Teacher training and educational sciences
Department contact

Name: Kristýna Zemková
Position / Academic Unit: Coordinator for Erasmus+ Incoming Students
E-mail: zemkova@czs.muni.cz

Student Mobility for Studies

Students from us: 4 (0 filled)
Students from us max months: 22
Students from partner: 4 (0 filled)
Students from partner max months: 22

Language requirements: Students: English B2

Application deadline: Autumn: 01.06; 01.11

Application info: https://czs.muni.cz/en/student-from-abroad/exchange-non-degree-studies/erasmus-europe
Staff mobility for Teaching and Training

Staff Mobility for Teaching:
From partner: 5 (29 days)
From us: 5 (29 days)

Language requirements: Staff: English B2