Tallinn University Partners

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility 2019-2022

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

01.09.2019 - 31.08.2022
Contract category: Erasmus partners
TLU Unit: University
TLU Study Programmes: Adult Education (BAK) Adult Education (MAG) Adult Education for Social Change (MAG) Advertising and Public Relations (BAK) Advertising and Publicity Studies (BAK) Anthropology (BAK) Anthropology (MAG) Applied Computer Science (RAK) Art Teacher (MAG) Arts Therapies (MAG) Asian Studies (BAK) Asian Studies (MAG) Audiovisual media (BAK) Biology (with Minor Field of Study) (BAK) Choreography (BAK) Choreography (MAG) Cinematography Joint Master (MAG) Communication (MAG) Communication Management (MAG) Computer Science (BAK) Conference Interpreting (MAG) Consultant in Special Education (MAG) Contemporary Media (MAG) Crossmedia in Film and Television (BAK) Cultural theory and philosophy (MAG) Digital Learning Games (MAG) Documentary Film (MAG) Early Childhood Education (BAK) Early Childhood Education (MAG) Education (BAK) Educational Innovation and Leadership (MAG) Educational Management (MAG) Educational Sciences (MAG) Educational Technology (MAG) Environmental Management (BAK) Environmental Management (MAG) Estonian Philology (BAK) Estonian Studies (MAG) European Modern Languages and Cultures (BAK) Film Arts (RAK) Film Arts (MAG) Government and Administration (MAG) Handicraft Technology and Design (RAK) Health Promotion Specialist (RAK) History (BAK) History (MAG) Human-Computer Interaction (MAG) Information Science (BAK) Information Science (MAG) Integrated Arts, Music and Multimedia (BAK) Integrated Craft and Home Economics Technologies (BAK) Integrated Natural Sciences (BAK) International Relations (MAG) Journalism (BAK) Law (BAK) Law (BAK) Law (MAG) Liberal Arts in Humanities (BAK) Liberal Arts in Social Sciences (BAK) Linguistics and Language Editing (MAG) Literary Studies (MAG) Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies (MAG) Management of Information Technology (MAG) Mathematics, Mathematical Economics and Data Analysis (BAK) Molecular Biochemistry and Ecology (MAG) Music (BAK) Music Teacher (MAG) Organizational Behavior (MAG) Philosophy (BAK) Physical Education (BAK) Political Science (MAG) Politics and Governance (BAK) Politics and Government (BAK) Primary School Teacher (INT) Psychology (BAK) Psychology (MAG) Public Administration (MAG) Public and Business Management (BAK) Public Relations (BAK) Recreation Administration (BAK) Recreation Management (MAG) Russian Philology (BAK) Slavonic Languages and Cultures (MAG) Social Entrepreneurship (MAG) Social Pedagogics and Child Protection (MAG) Social Work (BAK) Social Work (MAG) Sociology (BAK) Sociology (MAG) Special Education (BAK) Teacher of Computer Science (MAG) Teacher of Estonian Language and Literature (MAG) Teacher of Foreign Languages (MAG) Teacher of History and Civic (MAG) Teacher of Mathematics (MAG) Teacher of Natural Sciences in Secondary School (MAG) Teacher of Physical Education (MAG) Teacher of Russian Language and Literature (MAG) Teacher of Several Subjects (MAG) Teacher of Technology Education (MAG) Theory of Culture (BAK) Traffic Safety (RAK) Translation (MAG) Urban Governance (MAG) Vocational Pedagogy (BAK) Vocational Teacher (MAG) Youth Work (RAK) Youth Work Management (MAG)
Student Mobility for Studies

Students from us: 2 (0 filled)
Students from us max months: 10
Students from partner: 2 (2 filled)
Students from partner max months: 10

Application deadline: May 15 and Nov 15

Staff mobility for Teaching and Training

Staff Mobility for Teaching:
From partner: 2 (0 days)
From us: 2 (0 days)

Staff Mobility for Training:
From partner: 2 (0 days)
From us: 2 (0 days)