Tallinn University Partners

Universite Gustave Eiffel

Universite Gustave Eiffel

01.01.2018 - 30.08.2020
Contract category: Erasmus partners
TLU Unit: School of Digital Technologies
TLU Study Programmes: Digital Learning Games (MAG) Educational Technology (MAG) Human-Computer Interaction (MAG) Management of Information Technology (MAG)
Department contact

Name: Camille Dulor
Position / Academic Unit: International Office
E-mail: camille.dulor@u-pem.fr

Student Mobility for Studies

Students from us: 3 (0 filled)
Students from us max months: 5
Students from partner: 3 (0 filled)
Students from partner max months: 5

Language requirements: French B1

Application deadline: May 15th and November 1st

Staff mobility for Teaching and Training

Staff Mobility for Teaching:
From partner: 2 (5 days)
From us: 2 (5 days)

Subject areas:
Journalism and information