Tallinn University Partners

International Credit Mobility 2020-2023

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

06.12.2020 - 31.07.2023
Contract category: Erasmus partners
TLU Unit: School of Educational Sciences
TLU Study Programmes: Adult Education (BAK) Adult Education (MAG) Adult Education for Social Change (MAG) Consultant in Special Education (MAG) Early Childhood Education (BAK) Early Childhood Education (MAG) Education (BAK) Educational Innovation and Leadership (MAG) Educational Management (MAG) Educational Sciences (MAG) Primary School Teacher (INT) Special Education (BAK) Teacher of Several Subjects (MAG) Vocational Pedagogy (BAK) Vocational Teacher (MAG) Youth Work (RAK) Youth Work Management (MAG)
Department contact

Name: Dr Raghu Radhakrishnan
Position / Academic Unit: Office of International Affairs & Collaborations,
E-mail: raghu.ar@manipal.edu
Address: https://manipal.edu/mu/about-us/international-collaborations.html

Student Mobility for Studies

Students from us: 2 (0 filled)
Students from us max months: 5
Students from partner: 1 (0 filled)
Students from partner max months: 5

Language requirements: English B2

Application deadline: May 15th and November 15th

Accommodation information: https://manipal.edu/mu/about-us/international-collaborations.html

Staff mobility for Teaching and Training

Staff Mobility for Teaching:
From partner: 1 (12 days)
From us: 1 (12 days)

Staff Mobility for Training:
From partner: 1 (7 days)
From us: 1 (7 days)

Application info: https://manipal.edu/mu/about-us/international-collaborations.html

Language requirements: English B2